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Polyamory discussion
This is a discussion group about polyamory/polyamoury and other forms of ethical nonmonogamy. It's new, and just taking shape. We're not interested in hashing out issues people have with other communities. We have snark communities for that sort of thing. We're aiming to start fresh and create a safe space to have civil discussions.

Here are our basic rules:

Rule 1: Be civilized. No name calling, badgering, dogpiling, or other rude behaviors.

Rule 2: Don't delete other people's words. This is a discussion group, and deleting comments hinders discussion. This is a bannable offense.

Rule 3: Please put long posts and big or multiple pictures behind a cut. Be kind to the friends list!

Rule 4: Please stay on topic. This means your posts must be related to polyamory in some way. If your post is unclear in it's reference to poly, we may ask you to clarify. Brief intro posts will be ok for now while we're still small but we may revisit this if we get too much. Trolling, spam and personals posts will NOT be tolerated and will be considered banning offenses.

Your current mods are Rachael weirdodragoncat and Alia teal_cuttlefish (who is in Denver rather than California). If we need to assert our mod status, we will clearly explain what the offense is, and if we are banning a user, why we are banning that user.

weirdodragoncat bio: I've probably been poly since high school, I just hadn't figured it out yet. When I had just barely got out of high school, I was in a long term relationship when I met my (now)husband. I handled things badly and ended up cheating to be with the new guy. I didn't think to ask for what I wanted because I was pretty sure I couldn't have it. I stumbled in serially monogamous relationships for several years before I decided I only wanted 'open' relationships. I didn't have the word 'poly' yet. My husband fuzzydragon and I had parted for about 5 years (we were still just dating at the time). I got a letter from him out of the blue and one thing led to another, culminating in him moving here from Idaho. We stumbled quite a bit in the beginning of our poly relationship. Lots of jealousy issues to work through. It's all been worth it though. We've now been married for 9 years and have a beautiful almost 9yr old daughter. We also have various outside relationships of varying degrees and an extensive network of poly and poly-friendly friends.

teal_cuttlefish's bio: I grew up reading science fiction and learned about alternative relationships from my reading. My first marriage was supposedly monogamous, but I'm pretty sure my ex cheated whenever he got the chance. After that marriage ended, I dated some fellows who were into open relationships. I remarried, and as of 2010, have been married for 18 years with a 16 year old daughter, and have a 14 year relationship with my PseudoSpouse as well. We've all lived together for about 6 or 7 years now. I have dated outside our Vee, but am not doing so at this time. My husband has a girlfriend outside our Vee as well.

We have gone to moderated membership due to the spam epidemic. To qualify to join here, just don't be a bot with no friends and hundreds of communities. To stay, be polite and don't spam. Simple enough.